New Hams Are Imminent! 

The Sullivan Amateur Radio Club congratulates the students of our Technician Class prep class who all passed their Element 2 exam this evening. Their patience and work has paid off and they will all be officially licensed in 7-10 days. I’d like to personally commend Terri Booth, JD McReynolds, Derek Johnson and Dave Johnson for putting up with their instructor and not giving up! They were all truly excellent students!


In addition, I want to publicly thank John McReynolds (KC0NRO) who not only provided the copies of the students’ study materials,  but was also present for every class session and provided invaluable assistance and explanations. I truly could not have done this class without him. I also want to thank Chris Westrick (KD0JVF) who arranged the commitment to use the room at the Sullivan Fire House #5. My thanks also to Jay Basinger (AA0FR) and Jim Spencer (KC0NUY) who were part of the VE Team tonight. And last but not least, a big thanks goes to the Members of the Sullivan Fire House #5 for enabling this class to happen at all by allowing us to use their facility!


Bill Higgins

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