The 440 Repeater Is Now Crosslinked to 146.805!

Thanks to Paul Barber, Jerry Waelterman and Jim Spencer, we have now linked the 146.805 simplex frequency to the 444.600 repeater.  What this gives us is the ability to continue to have some 2 meter service across the service area.


For example, if you only have 2 meter capability, you can set your radio to 146.805 simplex and be able to participate in Betty’s Good News Net (assuming you can reach Bourbon, MO on simplex!)  If you have 440 capability, we would strongly suggest you use the 440 repeater directly.  It has better reach and capability than the 2 meter simplex frequency would.  Anything transmitted into the 440 repeater is also transmitted on the 146.805 simplex frequency.  Also, anything transmitted on 146.805 simplex is repeated onto the 440 repeater.


We know this situation isn’t ideal, but it is an interim solution until such time as the 2 meter repeater is put back online.


Thanks for your patience while we work through these issues.  Let me know if you seem to have any problems with this arrangement!


Bill Higgins

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