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Club Meeting Minutes


Gun raffle was a success. After paying John McReynolds for the gun we made $510. Pam Clark was the winner. The club talked about doing a raffle two or three times a year to raise funds. The repeater is back

February Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order, Pledge of Allegiance was said, Bill Higgins said a prayer, and there was a moment of silence for the silent keys. Business from the last meeting was read and approved. Current financial report is $459.58

Jan. 12, 2017 Meeting

OLD BUSINESS- Repeater- Two weeks ago John and Bill went and measured the SWR.  Make sure that are made aware of any problems with repeaters. Take note of date, time, and any weather conditions at the time of any issues

Novermber 10, 2016 Minutes

Call to order, Pledge of Allegiance, prayer, and moment of silence for the silent keys. Approval of minutes from the last meeting, finances and old business. It was decided that Facebook would be open and not private. For now we

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