Club Repeaters

The Sullivan Amateur Radio Club operates one VHF analog voice repeater and one VHF digipeater in the greater Sullivan Area.  The voice repeater is on 146.805 and the digipeater is on the APRS frequency of 145.390.  The specifics are listed below:

SARC 2 Meter VHF Repeater

Yaesu DR-1X System Fusion Dual Band Repeater in Analog Only mode
Callsign:  KC0DBS
Location:  West Sullivan, MO
Frequency:  146.805
Input:  146.205
Tone: 110.9
Emergency Power: Yes
Power Output: 50 watts

SARC 2 Meter APRS Digipeater

Alias:  KC0DBS-1
Location: Missouri Baptist Hospital, Sullivan, MO
Frequency: 145.390
Emergency Power: Yes