Club Repeaters

The Sullivan Amateur Radio Club operates two voice repeaters and one VHF digipeater in the greater Sullivan Area.  We have a 2 Meter repeater on 146.805 and a 70 Centimeter repeater on 444.600.  The digipeater is on the digi frequency of 145.070.  The specifics are listed below:

SARC 2 Meter VHF Repeater

Vertex Standard VXR-7000
Callsign:  KC0DBS
Location:  West Sullivan, MO
Frequency:  146.805
Input:  146.205
Emergency Power: Yes
Power Output: 50 watts

SARC 70 Centimeter UHF Repeater

Yaesu DR-1 System Fusion Dual Band C4FM/FM Digital Repeater.  This repeater operates in mixed digital/analog mode on the 440 band only.
Callsign: KC0DBS
Location: Sullivan, MO
Frequency: 444.600
Input: 449.600
Tone: 141.3
Emergency Power: Yes
Power Output: 20 wattts

If you use Chirp to program your radios, you may download a file you can import into Chirp that has our repeater info predefined at this link:  Sullivan ARC Repeaters Chirp File

SARC 2 Meter Digipeater

Alias:  SULLMO
Location: Sullivan, MO
Frequency: 145.070
Emergency Power: Yes

The SARC voice repeaters are located at the sites shown on the map below.