Author: John McReynolds

Digital Presentation by Mark, KD0QYN For those that were unable to attend, Mark Griffith (KD0QYN), creator of the PiGate solution for RF based email for emergency communications purposes, presented on digital modes for ham radio. As one could expect, this

All,   I was sent the following regarding the heavy rain event over the next few days.  It appears we are very near the axis of heaviest precipitation, totaling upwards of 3″ of rain.  Click here to see the latest

Field Day 2017 is upon us! Field Day is being held on June 24-25, 2017. This year the Sullivan Amateur Radio Club is setting up at Meramec State Park, south of Sullivan, Missouri. Everyone is invited to come join in

This morning, May 12th, 4 club members arrived at Missouri Baptist – Sullivan hospital at 8am to participate in the quarterly Hospital Amateur Radio Network (HARN) test.  Those operators were: Barb, KD0JVB Dave, KE0JYQ Margaret, KE0JEA John, KC0NRO Operations consisted

For as long as anyone can remember, SARC has held our Field Day operation at the Sullivan City Lake and it has served us well. There is talk of having a change of location for this year’s event.  One possibility