May 27, 2024

1st Annual SARC Family Fun Day

Hello everyone, we are having the 1st ever SARC Family Fun Day on May 1st,2021 at Meramec State Park at shelter#3. The time is 1 pm but you are welcome to come earlier. During the morning their will be a Parks On The Air activity from 8-12 Noon. More details for that will be posted at a later time. Below is a list of what people have graciously offered to bring. Anyone wishing to add to the list please let me know so I can update it. Thanks to anyone bringing or helping in anyway to make this a fun and successful event. Their will be some games brought. If anyone has any they would like to bring that would be great. Bring your family and lets have some fun!

  • Chris Williams-Brisket
  • Terri Booth-Baked Beans,pickles,buns
  • Frank Faherty-Pasta Salad,plates,utensils
  • Dave Johnson-Dessert
  • Ben Hatcher-Dessert
  • Barb and Wayne Durbin-Pasta Salad ,Dessert, and deviled eggs
  • Mark and Anne Ervine-Broccoli Slaw(salad)
  • Patricia Gray-Fruit Salad(side)
  • Paul Barber-Chips
  • Nick Nichols-Crescent Rolls,Dessert
  • Brandon Brown-Salad
  • Jeff Hofstra-Dessert
  • Jerry Waelterman -German Potato Salad
  • Karen-Cup, Tea