June 11, 2024

Area Scanner Frequencies

State of Missouri

Data source: RadioReference.com (https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?aid=1061)

Missouri StateWide Net155.730
Missouri Sheriff's Net P2P155.370
MHP SERT Tac Repeater / Talk Around154.695
MHP Mobile Extenders 1148.600
MHP Mobile Extenders 2154.905
MHP UHF Mobile Extenders465.4375
MHP StateWide Tac 3154.935
MHP Statewide Tac 4154.665
MHP Statewide C2C42.000
MHP Statewide LB C2C42.020

Crawford County

Data source: RadioReference.com (http://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?ctid=1506)

Crawford Sheriff155.415
Crawford CENCOM155.625
Crawford Fire/EMS Dispatch155.835
Crawford EMS Dispatch (Steelville, Cuba)154.235
North Crawford County Ambulance District155.295
Bourbon Fire154.235
Bourbon City Ops - A158.805
Bourbon City Ops - B158.850
Bourbon City Ops - C453.400
Cuba Police153.7925
Cuba Police Inquiry154.085
Steelville Police Dispatch154.800
Steelville Police155.925

Franklin County

Data source: RadioReference.com (http://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?ctid=1514)

Chris Westrick has provided a publicly available scanner feed for the greater Sullivan area.  You can listen to it by clicking the following button:


Play the Stream

Sheriff Dispatch151.340
Emergency Management Dispatch158.775
Fire Dispatch154.430
Fire Ops 1154.385
Fire Main155.280
Fire Main Truck 2 Truck151.010
EMS Dispatch155.385
EMS Dispatch (Sheriff)155.160
Gerald-Rosebud Fire154.070
St. Clair Police155.760
St. Clair Fire154.010
Sullivan Police Dispatch155.700
Sullivan Police C2C159.420
Sullivan Fire154.100
Union Police154.740
Union Fire154.430
Washington Police156.690
Washington Police C2C155.970
Washington Fire/EMS Dispatch158.895
Washington Fire159.000

Gasconade County

Data source: RadioReference.com (http://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?ctid=1515)

Bland Fire 1155.430
Bland Fire 2154.385
Hermann Police155.550
Hermann Fire154.205
Hermann EMS158.820
Owensville EMS Dispatch153.955
Owensville EMS Repeater155.120
Owensville Fire Dispatch154.445
Owensville Fire Repeater150.775
Owensville Police Dispatch151.100

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