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At our September meeting tonight, Mark Griffith, KD0QYN, will be assisting our members in setting up FLDIGI on the members computers. If you are interested, please bring your laptop, and your radio interface and radio if you can. Mark generated

Knucklehead Breakfast August 17th, 2019

On Saturday August 17th, the Sullivan Amateur Radio Club was treated to a very special Knucklehead Breakfast, by Paul and Robin Barber (AA0GB and KC0ZIJ) . We were treated to Robin’s world famous Breakfast Bake (a regular treat at Field

Congratulations KE5ILE

On Saturday, June 22nd, Nick Nichols (KE5ILE) passed his upgrade test to the Amateur General Class!! I know that Nick prepared for the test through some personally trying times. Let’s all congratulate Nick next time you see him or hear

Interesting evening over Owensville!

Just a glimpse…

Spring 2019 Taum Sauk Adventure

Last September four of our club members (John, Frank, Allan and I) took a day trip to the observation tower area on Taum Sauk Mountain. We set up radios, did some operating, ate some lunch and just had a whole