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Solar Forecast for Field Day!

Elections Coming Up

At the next meeting of the Sullivan Amateur Radio Club, we will be electing the club’s officers for the next year.  I would encourage all club members to please try to attend.  The meeting will be on August 10th at

Field Day 2017 Wrapup

Field Day 2017 was an unqualified success for the Sullivan Amateur Radio Club!  Great people, great fun, great food were all present and we made a bunch of radio contacts!  The gallery below captures just some of the fun we

Field Day Rapidly Approaching

Field Day 2017 is upon us! Field Day is being held on June 24-25, 2017. This year the Sullivan Amateur Radio Club is setting up at Meramec State Park, south of Sullivan, Missouri. Everyone is invited to come join in

A Thank You Letter to SARC

Chris, Thank you to SARC for providing communications throughout the weekend. The partnership shared by you, Jim, Tom and Jack went above and beyond anything that we could have expected.  No doubt with better communication we were able to significantly improve upon last year’s

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