Sullivan Amateur Radio Club

Antenna Placement Day – 2018-12-03

On Monday, December 3rd, 2018, the Sullivan Amateur Radio Club engaged Radio Comm of Krakow, MO to climb the West Sullivan Water Tower and mount the antenna for the 146.805 repeater.  In addition to the antenna, Radio Comm placed the 1/2 inch Heliax coax all the way down the tower to our repeater cabinet!

In addition to getting the antenna mounted and the coax run, we had our electrical contractor to come out and cut the power into our cabinet as well.

I would like to thank Anthony xxxx and Jeremy Linnsxxxx from Radio Comm.  The weather was cold and windy and Anthony climbed the tower like a true pro!  It HAD to be 20 degrees colder up there in that wind, and I can speak for the entire club when I say we are so thankful for his dedication to getting it “all just right”!  Jeremy wanted to minmize his role, but he was Anthony’s ground crew and without him, it wouldn’t have gone as well as it did!  The Sullivan Amateur Radio Club thanks you both for your efforts on a very cold morning in December!!

I’d also like to express my heart felt thanks to Jerry Waeltermann and Allan Sieker, who were also part of the effort.  It’s a group effort.  

The repeater is on the air but it has some issues at this time.  We are aware that the repeated audio is not what it should be.  We also believe that the repeater’s squelch needs to be adjusted.  We will be attending to these things asap.

I know it’s been a long time coming, but I am grateful to everyone involved for their efforts to get it back in service.  Thank you everyone, whose been a part of this effort!

Here are the pictures from Monday!

Repeater Cabinet Placement Day – November 30, 2018

On Friday, November 30th, 2018 the Sullivan Amateur Radio Club convened a work party to move the cabinet for the new 146.805 repeater into place at the West Sullivan Water Tower site.  The crew consisted of Paul Barber (AA0GB), Chris Wiliams (KE0LKV), Jerry Waeltermann (KB0DOG), Paul Willams (KD0JVA), Allan Sieker (AD0FT), and yours truly, your happy reporter.  The goal:  to move the cabinet without damage and without getting anyone hurt!

I am happy to report that the effort was fantastically successful.  Big thanks to everyone involved but we’d like to especially thank Chris Williams for bringing his tractor with which he moved the cabinet into place.  He made it look so easy!!

Below are some photos of the happy crew!

Ringo antenna tuned and ready to be attached to the water tower in early December.

146.205 mHz, 1.6 swr, 50 ohms.

I just completed the initial tuning of the new Ringo antenna for the 146.805 repeater to get things in the ballpark. We might get a lower SWR when it is tuned as it sits on top of the water tower after installation.


HARN Exercise November 9th, 2018

The Sullivan Amateur Radio Club participated today in the Hospital Amateur Radio Network in support of Missouri Baptist Hospital in Sullivan, MO.  In attendance were Chris Westrick (KD0JVF), Barb Siegfried (KD0JVB), and John McReynolds (KC0NRO).

To quote the St. Louis ARES website, “HARN will provide Amateur Radio Operators to assist hospitals in their communication needs. HARN will provide communication support to enhance hospital preparedness for response to critical incidents in the St. Louis Bi-State region. The Amateur Radio Operators will coordinate with emergency management agencies and other regional first responders to accomplish interoperable communications for hospitals. The hospitals will coordinate drills and exercises among area the hospitals utilizing amateur radio resources. The hospitals will periodically test and exercise their amateur radio equipment located in each facility that has a amateur radio installed.”

After receiving training on the equipment at last night’s club meeting, the Sullivan Amateur Radio Club has renewed its commitment to the hospital to participate in all of these exercises in the future.  John McReynolds will be heading up this effort and will help ensure that we have trained people there for each of these events.

Below is a picture of Chris and Barb, hard at work this morning during the exercise!


November 2018 Club Meeting at Missouri Baptist Sullivan

The November 2018 SARC Club Meeting will be held on Thursday, November 8th at the Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital at 2354, 751 Sappington Bridge Rd, Sullivan, MO 63080.  We will congregate outside the main entrance of the hospital and will be escorted in to a conference room at our normal start time of 6:00 pm.  During this meeting, we will all be introduced to the ham radio equipment located at the hospital, how to set it up and put it away and will be trained on how to participate in the quarterly Hospital Amateur Radio Network nets.  In addition, we will be planning for our Christmas Party and Ham Jam coming up at the December meeting.

Please join us for this important training and planning!