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Good Evening, everyone, glad to be back.
Prayer list is as follows:
AA0GB-Paul will be having shoulder surgery the 19th of this Month, please pray for him that he will have a successful operation and a speedy recovery.
Loyd and his Dad.
Kristen and Josh.
KD0MPE-Eric and Hailey.
Dean, Debbie and families.
All our Servicemen and Women.
Our Country-President and Cabinet-Israel-Persecuted Christians-Victims of Tornadoes and Flooding-and Terrorism around the world..
Thanks to all, have a blessed week, see you next Monday-GOD WILLING. N0PAH-Betty.

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Thanks you!

I want to give a big THANK YOU! to Paul Barber and Bill Higgins for getting the 146.805 repeater back online! If you see these two gentlemen or hear them on the radio, give them a big thank you for a job well done!

Frank Faherty KE0FDC

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The 146.805 is BACK!

On Thursday, May 4th, the 146.805 repeater was put back on the air at our alternate repeater site.  The repeater is functioning at full power again, running only on its internal controller.  Therefore, the voice ider is currently non-functional.  We will maintain the system at this site until such time as the new antenna system is installed at the primary repeater site.


You may notice some minor decrease in range as the backup site is not quite as tall as the primary site, but so far, most of the “distant” users seem to be able to use the system just fine.


In addition, we have restored AllstarLink and Echolink service to the repeater through the remote node at my QTH.  The Allstarlink node is 43758 and the Echolink node is N0NOE-R.  Please feel free to connect to these nodes and use them as you will.


Thank you all for your patience.


Bill Higgins

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And We Have A Winner!

On Tuesday, May 2nd, a winner was drawn for our Antenna System Gun Raffle Fundraiser.  The winner is Pam Clark.  Congratulations to Pam and we sincerely hope she enjoys her new rifle!


Participating in the drawing were Terri Booth who drew the winning ticket, John McReynolds, Frank Faherty, Paul Barber and yours truly.


We’d like to thank all of the participants in the raffle!  We raised over $500 for our antenna project as a result of your enthusiasm and commitment!


Bill Higgins

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The 146.805 Cross Band Repeater is Back Online!

About a week ago, the power supply for the cross band repeater setup that we had established failed.  So all 2 meter repeater frequency access to the 440 machine was down.


Today, the power supply was replaced, and the cross band repeater is back online.  I’ll reiterate, folks using two meters will not be able to hear other two meter users, but they will be able to hear anyone on the 440 side of the connection.


We hope to get the 2 meter repeater back online as soon as possible.  This isn’t a perfect solution, but at least we’ll be able to provide SOME access on the two meter side.


I’d like to thank Paul Barber once again for providing this solution to the club!


Bill Higgins

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