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SARC Taum Sauk Fall Adventure

Next Saturday, September 29th, 2018 is the scheduled day for our Taum Sauk Mt. Fall Adventure.  This a single day event during which a few of the club members are planning to go to the top of Taum Sauk Mt. and set up a portable radio environment to see how many contacts we can make.  Those currently planning to attend are John McReynolds, Allan Sieker and Bill Higgins but everyone is invited to come along.


This event is strictly weather permitting and the current forecast looks like no precipitation,  about 80 degrees and overcast conditions.  I don’t believe there are many amenities at the top of the mountain, so if you’d like to come along, plan to bring something on which to sit and potentially something on which to set your radio.  You should also plan to bring food and drinks.  Current travel plans are to leave the Sullivan area early enough to arrive on the mountain around mid morning.  I would imagine we’ll stay till mid to late afternoon and definitely leave before sundown.  I believe we can probably set up near the parking area, so we shouldn’t have to transport equipment very far.


Having never been to Taum Sauk before, I’m really looking forward to this outing!  I’m sure the view alone is worth the trip.  If we can get set up and make some contacts while we are there, then so much the better!  Come along and join the fun!!


If you are interested in attending, please just send me message through the Contact Us page on this web site so we can coordinate plans with everyone.


Hope to see you there!!!

Repeater Work

Meanwhile, in a secret workshop somewhere in Gasconade county, work continues on Motorola MTR 2000 repeaters.

Getting the digital interface to work. The repeater under the digital scope is an MTR2000 VHF repeater modified for the 2m band. The repeater in the upper-right of the table is an MTR2000 UHF repeater in the process of going digital.



The heart of the digital interface.


Another MTR2000 UHF repeater ready for the digital interface.


Our president hard at work.

The Election Results Are In!

The Sullivan Amateur Radio Club  held its annual election of officers on Thursday evening, August 9th, 2018.  The following people were elected to office:


Bill Higgins (N0NOE) – President
Frank Faherty (KE0FDC) – Vice President
Allan Sieker (AD0FT) – Secretary
Allan Sieker (AD0FT) – Treasurer


Also, we elected Chris Williams (KE0LKV) to the Board of Directors to replace Rick Gehlert.


I think I can speak for all the officers and the Board in saying that we are all looking forward to a great year ahead!


Congratulations to Our Two New Generals!

The Sullivan Amateur Radio Club would like to congratulate two hams who earned their General Class License upgrades on Saturday, June 23rd, 2018 at the testing session at the club’s Field Day event!  Adam Haines, KE0PQY of Gerald, MO and Stan Shoemaker, KB0MUF of Owensville, MO both passed their tests with flying colors!  Congratulations fellas!  We’re all very proud of you and we hope you get on the air and use those new privileges!


Solar Forecast for Field Day!

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