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Field Day Rapidly Approaching

Field Day 2017 is upon us! Field Day is being held on June 24-25, 2017. This year the Sullivan Amateur Radio Club is setting up at Meramec State Park, south of Sullivan, Missouri. Everyone is invited to come join in the fun of getting out with family and friends to enjoy the world of Amateur Radio. We will start setting up around 11am and plan t be on the air making contacts by 1pm.We will be operating from 1pm on Saturday June 24 and finishing up at 1pm on Sunday June 25.

Drive south on Hwy 185 approximately 4 miles to the entrance to the park. Enter the park and you will come to a three way stop. Go to the left and stay on that road until you get to Fisher Cave. The road on the map has been highlighted.  Parking will be limited at the campsites so please park in the parking lot for Fisher Cave. In the camping area we will have the club banner out so that you will know where we are.  If you need assistance in getting things for FD to the campsite, let us know when you get there and we will have someone help you get the stuff brought over.

We will be operating as a 2A setup this year, using the special event call N0S.  Anything you think you may need for operating (rigs, power, coax, lights, etc, etc)…bring it along!

We will be monitoring the 440 repeater (444.600 + offset, 141.3 tone) as well as 146.500 2m simplex for a talk-in from our site.
Please remember to be safe driving to and from FD 2017! We want you to be members of our club for a long time to come!


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Just a reminder to everyone that the next club meeting is scheduled for June 8th. I would like for everybody who is going to participate to be at this meeting to verify and finalize plans for Field Day. I will also be giving a class on radio procedures for making contacts during Field Day.

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Gun raffle was a success. After paying John McReynolds for the gun we made $510. Pam Clark was the winner. The club talked about doing a raffle two or three times a year to raise funds.

The repeater is back from Springfield thanks to our President who drove to Springfield to get it. Jerry Waelterman did the research for all the parts needed to get the repeater up and running. He gave a report and handed a sheet regarding this.  The total cost is $1011.  John McReynolds made a motion to get the parts, Terri Booth second the motion and the motion passed.  Bill Higgins is going to talk to Don Koch to see if he wants to be involved in getting the repeater up and running.

Bill Higgins has a repeater that he will sell the club for a backup repeater for $300.

Field Day is coming up on June 24 and 25. There was a discussion on if we want to have it at City Lake again or go to Meramec State Park and if at the State Park do we want to do it in the camp ground or Hickory Ridge conference center. Someone has offered to pay for a couple of campsites for us.   A vote was made for the campgrounds at the state park. A  Frank Faherty is going to do a fish fry.  John McReynolds has offered to bring his campers down.   It should be fun for everyone.  Come down and join us!

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Good Evening to all, hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather.
Prayer List is as follows:
Ab-being checked for aneurysm on the 31st of this Month.
Bob-Heart problems.
Mary-Health problems.
AA0GB-Paul having shoulder surgery on the 19th of this
month, please keep him in prayer for a successful operation and a speedy recovery.
KD0MPE-Eric and Hailey.
Dean,Debbie and families.
All our Servicemen and Women everywhere.
Our Country, Israel, Persecuted Christians, Victims of the floods, Terrorism and our Law Enforcement.
Thank you all, have a blessed rest of the week, See you next Monday-GOD WILLING. N0PAH-Betty.

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Quarterly HARN Exercise

This morning, May 12th, 4 club members arrived at Missouri Baptist – Sullivan hospital at 8am to participate in the quarterly Hospital Amateur Radio Network (HARN) test.  Those operators were:

Barb, KD0JVB

Dave, KE0JYQ

Margaret, KE0JEA

John, KC0NRO

Operations consisted of contacting net control on the 148.850 (STL) repeater.  Due to interference from another repeater on this frequency, communications were established with operators via the Fulton repeater, as well as via HF operators on 3.963.

Many thanks to those operators who took the time to make it happen this morning.  If you are interested in participating in this system, please contact John, KC0NRO, and let him know.

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