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2017 Election Results

Elections for Club Officers were held at the August 1oth meeting.  The following officers were elected for the next year:


President – Bill Higgins (N0NOE)

Vice President – Frank Faherty (KE0FDC)

Secretary – Margaret Emily (KE0JEA)

Treasurer – Terri Booth (KE0JYS)


In addition, Jerry Waelterman (KB0DOG) was elected as a Board Member to replace John McReynolds, whose term expired.


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Elections Coming Up

At the next meeting of the Sullivan Amateur Radio Club, we will be electing the club’s officers for the next year.  I would encourage all club members to please try to attend.  The meeting will be on August 10th at 6:00 pm at the Sullivan Fire House #5.


Hope to see you there!

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Good evening, everyone, hope you are all having a blessed evening.
Prayer List is as follows:
KE0FEC’S Daughter, Leanne. Also, Frank’s co-worker, Jana’s Sister passed away, please remember her in your prayers.
Hailey Requests prayers for her Mom who is having Gall Bladder problems.
KC0JEL-Cathy’s friend, Debbie battling a stroke, Also, please pray for Cathy’s Aunt Donna. She will be having surgery on her heart sometime soon.
KC0QFS-Rick needs our prayers. He fell twice and broke an ankle and will be having surgery on it soon.
W0MCS-Dave’s Mom.
AA0GB-Paul is still recuperating from shoulder surgery. Remember him in your prayers. Also, KC0ZIJ-Robin recuperating from Gall Bladder surgery.
KB0ETI-Leroy’s wife, Diane seeing Doctor.
KC0LIR-Clinton- Going through lots of physical problems, please remember him also.
KE0JYR-Derek’s Principal, Kim Dill, battling Cancer.
KB0DOG-Jerry’s Sister, Barbara.
N0NOE-Bill’s Friend, Dee.
Dean, Debbie and their families.
Josh-Safe travels on his job.
Our Friends-Bob and Ab.
Servicemen and Women-Our Country-The President-Israel-Persecuted Christians-Terrorism-and all our Policemen everywhere.
God bless everyone, See you next Monday-GOD WILLING. N0PAH-Betty.

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Good evening to all: I pray that everyone is staying cool in this hot weather.
Prayer list is as follows:
W0MCS-Dave’s Mom is in need of our prayers.
Robin-KC0ZIJ-Recuperating from Gall Bladder surgery.
AA0GB-Paul-Still in need of prayer following shoulder surgery.
KB0ETI-Leroy’s wife, Diane-Doctor’s Appointment.
Our Daughter, Debbie has appointment fo check for skin cancer on the 25th of this month.
KE0JYR-Derek-Prayer for his Principal-Kim Dill-Cancer.
KB0DOG-Jerry’s Sister, Barbara.
N0NOE-Bill’s-Friend, Dee.
Bob, a friend of ours with Heart Problems.
Dean, Debbie and families.
Servicemen and women-Our Country-President-Israel-Persecuted Christians-Terrorism-Policemen.
Let’s all pray that all the above needs will be met. Have a wonderful, Blessed week. See you next Monday-GOD WILLING. 73’s, God Bless-N0PAH-Betty.

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Field Day 2017 Wrapup

Field Day 2017 was an unqualified success for the Sullivan Amateur Radio Club!  Great people, great fun, great food were all present and we made a bunch of radio contacts!  The gallery below captures just some of the fun we had!


Thanks to all who made this happen.  A very special thanks to Frank Faherty for all his efforts, and Dave Johnson and John McReynolds for organizing the sites.


All photos provided by Bill Higgins
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