Good News Prayer List for Nov. 23, 2015

Good evening, everyone, and I want to wish you all a very Blessed Thanksgiving.
KD0JVA’s wife, Cheryl is undergoing some tests, please remember her in your prayers.
KB0ETI-Leroy is still undergoing eye surgery, so remember him also.
N0NOE-Bill requested prayer for Bruce’s friends.
KD0RMJ-Marsha still fighting a cold.
KC0LIR-Clinton-Leg problems.
KD0JVF-Chris and his Mom.
KD0JVE-Paul Thacker.
KE0FOT-Feet problems.
KC0QFS-Rick-Having leg and feet problems.
Jeff Keesley-Brain Tumor, please pray for his healing.
Steve Carroll-Lymphoma- taking Chemo. Pray for his healing also.
Leanna- in Hospice, please pray for her comfort.
Dean, Debbie, and their families.
Ray, Cory, Autumn, Katie and all our servicemen and women everywhere.
Our Country
Pray for all the Christians that are being persecuted around the World.
Also, we need to pray about all the terrorism that is happening around the World.
Have a Blessed week, everyone. See you again next Monday, God willing. N0PAH-Betty.

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