Jan. 12, 2017 Meeting


Repeater- Two weeks ago John and Bill went and measured the SWR.  Make sure that are made aware of any problems with repeaters. Take note of date, time, and any weather conditions at the time of any issues with the repeaters. Boast wanted to know if we would be interested in setting a repeater in Leasburg.

Mesh Network- Still sitting in Chris Westrick basement. City not getting anywhere with it.



Frank Faherty pasted out a sheet that shows all the contest going on for the month of January. Some of the guys are going to paticipate in the North American QSO party on the 21 and 22. If interested contact Frank. He also passed out info for the Missouri QSO which is on April 1st and 2nd.

Rolla 100 Acre Wood is going to be March 17 & 18 this year and they could use some help this year.

Bank balance at this time is $377.58


Lastly our President, Chris Westrick, has decided to resign. According to the by-laws, Bill Higgins, our Vice President, will be our acting President until next meeting at which time we will elect a new President.

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