Prayer list as of 4/12/2021

Betty hosted the good new net and this is the most up to date list. Please keep these folks in your thoughts and prayers as they go through these difficult times. Reminder the good news net meets every Monday at 7:00 pm . Please join us to share your good news or concerns.

  • AA1CJ Williams Wife
  • N0KDB Ruth is getting a pacemaker
  • KC0JEL Kathy’s ribs and a new grandbaby due in August
  • Rod
  • Gary
  • Jim
  • Faye
  • Mary Lee
  • Marge with lung cancer
  • KD0GOK Don with lung cancer
  • Bill and Emma having surgery
  • Wilma
  • KC0QFS Rick
  • Sarah has cancer
  • Janessa
  • N0NOE Bill and Auntie M
  • Clayton
  • Donna and Christina
  • Mary Harms
  • Dean, Debbie, and family
  • Service Men and Women
  • Our Country
  • Israel
  • Policemen and women

Thanks to Betty for hosting the NET and sharing her list. I apologize if names are not spelled correctly. Please let me know so I can make note.

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