Brace Yourself! Summer Field Day Is Coming!

Summer Field Day is coming fast and I will try and get all the information posted here. The date is June 26th and the location is Mark Ervine(KF0AUP) beautiful property in High Gate Mo. I will post directions soon as well as a list of what people plan to bring.

Marks Address is

10771 S County Road 426 High Gate,Mo 65014 and you can call him at 319-750-2626 if you have any questions. People that are wishing to attend and need verbal directions can also reach Mark on Simplex on 147.500.

The big part of everything we do. The Menu!

  • John-Pepsi, Dr.Pepper Zero, Pepsi Zero, Sprite
  • Patricia-Cake, Potato Salad, Water, Ice
  • Jerry-Coleslaw
  • Paul and Robin-Chips & Breakfast
  • Bernard- Deserts
  • Karen- Cake and Ice Cream
  • Bill- Chicken(not calling you names lol)
  • Tom- Coleslaw
  • Amy and Jesse- Devilled Eggs
  • Terri- Pea Salad, Cherry Pie, Apple Pie

I will update this as information becomes available and we get closer to the event. I hope this is a Field day to remember!

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