Author: N0PAH

Good evening, everyone, Prayer List is as follows: Prayers for all in Texas who are affected by the floods. KE0FEC-Daughter, Leanne. KC0JEL-Friend, Debbie, suffering the after effects of a stroke, and also Cathy’s Aunt Donna, who is recuperating from Heart

Good evening everyone: Prayer List is as follows: Let’s all pray for the people in Texas and all the things they are going through. KE0FEC-Pray for his Daughter, Leanne, also his Co-worker, Jennifer Harker and family. KB0DOG-Prayers for his friend,

Good evening, everyone, Prayer List is as follows: Our Son-In-Law, Mark, will be having extensive shoulder surgery in the morning, so please remember him and also Debbie and Kristen as they travel. Russ will be having a cat scan to

Good evening, everyone, hope you are all having a blessed evening. Prayer List is as follows: KE0FEC’S Daughter, Leanne. Also, Frank’s co-worker, Jana’s Sister passed away, please remember her in your prayers. Hailey Requests prayers for her Mom who is

Good evening to all: I pray that everyone is staying cool in this hot weather. Prayer list is as follows: W0MCS-Dave’s Mom is in need of our prayers. Robin-KC0ZIJ-Recuperating from Gall Bladder surgery. AA0GB-Paul-Still in need of prayer following shoulder