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Weather Net has been activated!

The National Weather Service has asked that the club activate the Sullivan Area Weather Net this evening with incoming potentially severe weather in the forecast for our area.  If you can, please stand by and be on the watch.  The

Weather – Incoming heavy rain

All,   I was sent the following regarding the heavy rain event over the next few days.  It appears we are very near the axis of heaviest precipitation, totaling upwards of 3″ of rain.  Click here to see the latest

Thank You to All That Checked Into the Good News Net This Week!

Tonight, our beloved member, Betty Basinger held her Good News Net from the American Legion Hall in Leasburg, MO.  She had a temporary station provided by AA0GB who did a fabulous job in setting it up!  Before I say anything

The 444.600 machine joins AllStar Link!

Today the node was put into place to make the club’s 440 machine directly available to the AllStar Link network.  The node number for this repeater is 44011.  If you are using any of the AllStar access methods, this is

Streaming Audio Returns for the Club’s Repeaters

For nearly the last year, the audio streaming capability for our repeaters has been offline.  Today the streaming function has been placed back online.  What this means is that you can use any of several different ways to listen in

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