Sullivan Amateur Radio Club

The Sullivan Amateur Radio Club would like to congratulate Cody Gehlert for passing his Technician’s Class exam at the club meeting on August 13th, 2015.  Welcome to the hobby, Cody, and we’ll look forward to hearing you on the repeater soon!

Update:  On 8/21/2015 I saw that Cody was issued the call sign of KE0FOT.  If you hear him on the repeater, please make him feel welcome!

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My name is Bill Higgins and I’m a licensed ham operator with the call sign N0NOE.  I’ve recently joined the Sullivan Amateur Radio Club and at the August 2015 meeting, volunteered to maintain the club website.  Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll be updating the information here and we’ll be attempting to keep this site fresh and interesting and make it a useful tool for marketing the club as well as communicating to the community and club members alike.

Before we get too far down this article, I’d like to thank Chris Westrick for all the work he had done on this site.  There’s actually quite a bit of content that he created that I’ll be either finishing, or just making available to the viewers.  Chris had some great ideas, and we’ll be getting those out there asap.

I have several ideas for making this site more useful, but I know you all must have ideas as well.  Here is a list of the first things on my agenda for updating this website:

* Create a contact form which you may use to get in touch with me or the club officers.  This can be used to forward suggestions or recommendations about the site, ask questions relating to the club’s business or projects, etc.

* Change the theme of the site to one that degrades gracefully for smaller format devices.  In other words, make the site more usable for people using cell phones and tablets.

* Make sure all content is up to date and accurate.

* Post the minutes from the latest club meeting.

* Post a list of club members and their call signs and locations.

* Whatever else the members might find useful to club members.

I’m open to ideas here as long as they extend the usefulness of this resource.  Ham radio is all about communications!  Let’s use this communications resource too!

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We have secured a new meeting location for the Sullivan Amateur Radio Club. We will meet on our normal days and times, but we will now be meeting at Sullivan Fire Protection District’s House 5. This is the new firehouse that is on Hwy AF. More details will be coming soon! We will be having our November meeting there.

Chris, KD0JVF

There’s a Skywarn Storm Spotter training course coming up the end of the month in Union. Here’s the information for anyone interested in attending:

Tuesday, October 30
6:30 p.m.
Union Fire Protection District, Station 1
1401 West Springfield, Union, MO 63084

For more information, or to see a schedule of other classes,

To download/print the book referenced in class,

The September meeting for SARC will be held at the pavilion at the City Lake (pending weather obviously). It was decided it would be a pot luck type meeting and social time. The last social type meeting at the City Lake seemed to go over pretty good, so we’ve decided to do it again. Bring out something to snack on and we’ll just have a good ol’ time hanging out for the evening.

Also, it was brought up if you have a radio and are needing help with it that you could bring it up and we’ll help you go through it. It’s good to know how to do things on your radios in the event of an emergency and need to make quick changes to your settings/frequencies. So if you have a radio and need help programming frequencies, changing tones, or just need someone to look it over, bring it on up and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Looking forward to the next meeting.
Chris KD0JVF