May 28, 2024

Other Area Nets

The following is a list of nets in the area. Feel free to join in on them.

Washington Zero Beaters
The Zero Beaters ARES Net is held on the first, second and fourth Monday night at 8 p.m. local time on 147.240 WAØFYA/R repeater.

Franklin County ARES
The Franklin County ARES net meets at 8 pm every Monday evening on the Zero Beaters Amateur Radio Club’s WA0FYA repeater (147.24 +, PL 141.3; alternate 147.180, no tones) located in Washington.  All licensed radio operators are welcome to check in, ARES member or not.  Have a pencil and paper handy and be prepared to copy a formal NTS radiogram – most weeks one will be transmitted to give listeners practice in copying traffic.  Approximately once a month, there will be a training exercise during the net; check this page for updates.

Rolla Regional Amateur Radio Society
We hold a net on the 146.790 MHz (PL 88.5 Hz) Rolla repeater EVERY evening at 0200 UTC (8:00 PM Central Standard Time in the winter, 9:00 PM Central Daylight Time in the summer). This is an open net, and all amateur radio stations are welcome to check in. Stations in or near Rolla may use the repeater on 147.210 MHz (PL 88.5 Hz) if you find it easier to get in on that frequency. The 147.210 MHz repeater is linked at all times to the primary repeater on 146.790 MHz.