Sullivan Amateur Radio Club


At our September meeting tonight, Mark Griffith, KD0QYN, will be assisting our members in setting up FLDIGI on the members computers. If you are interested, please bring your laptop, and your radio interface and radio if you can. Mark generated a substantial amount of interest at the last meeting with his introduction to the FLDIGI software. See you tonight at 6:00 pm.

Knucklehead Breakfast August 17th, 2019

On Saturday August 17th, the Sullivan Amateur Radio Club was treated to a very special Knucklehead Breakfast, by Paul and Robin Barber (AA0GB and KC0ZIJ) . We were treated to Robin’s world famous Breakfast Bake (a regular treat at Field Day on Sunday mornings!) and a wonderful Cherry and Apple Cobbler. The food was fantastic, the fellowship was stellar and a great time was had by all. One of our newer friends, Dane Brockmiller (NR0K) brought some things to give away to the attendees. Many, many thanks to Paul and Robin for their generosity and hospitality! Thanks to Dane for the goodies and also, thanks to Pat Center for taking the pictures below. You will from this day forward be known as our Official Club Photographer. (Just kidding, Pat! Unless of course you really want the job! 😀 )

Meeting August 8, 2019

Digital Presentation by Mark, KD0QYN

For those that were unable to attend, Mark Griffith (KD0QYN), creator of the PiGate solution for RF based email for emergency communications purposes, presented on digital modes for ham radio. As one could expect, this piqued the interest among several in attendance. A vote was taken and the club is pushing forward with the creation of a digital net.

Action Items

To start, all interested parties need to purchase/procure the following items:

  1. A VHF transceiver
  2. An interface that will connected your transceiver with your computer. A very popular choice is a Signalink with appropriate cables to connect to your transceiver. These are currently on sale at DX Engineering. Click here to have a look.
  3. A laptop or desktop computer
  4. Software, namely FLDIGI (click here to download) and FLMSG (click here to download)

Please have the above taken care of prior to our September meeting. We will have time then to have everyone bring their setups to the meeting and provide help in configuring

Congratulations KE5ILE

On Saturday, June 22nd, Nick Nichols (KE5ILE) passed his upgrade test to the Amateur General Class!! I know that Nick prepared for the test through some personally trying times. Let’s all congratulate Nick next time you see him or hear him on the air!!!! Well done, Nick!!!

Interesting evening over Owensville!

Just a glimpse…