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Weather Net has been activated!

The National Weather Service has asked that the club activate the Sullivan Area Weather Net this evening with incoming potentially severe weather in the forecast for our area.  If you can, please stand by and be on the watch.  The Net has been activated on the 444.600 repeater.  The specifics for that machine are 444.600 + 5 Mhz with a 141.3 tone.  John McReynolds, KC0NRO is Net Control.  Please tune in and check in when John asks for more check ins.

The protocol for this net can be found here on our website under the Club Nets menu option.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Weather – Incoming heavy rain



I was sent the following regarding the heavy rain event over the next few days.  It appears we are very near the axis of heaviest precipitation, totaling upwards of 3″ of rain.  Click here to see the latest information from the NWS, St. Louis.


Many thanks,



Thank You to All That Checked Into the Good News Net This Week!

Tonight, our beloved member, Betty Basinger held her Good News Net from the American Legion Hall in Leasburg, MO.  She had a temporary station provided by AA0GB who did a fabulous job in setting it up!  Before I say anything else, I just want to thank everyone who helped in getting that set up and operational!


Betty, without a doubt, your net tonight was an unqualified success!  So many folks from all around the region checked in and I think that all of us here loved to hear that!


Your ministry is vital to us, Betty!  Thank you so much for what you do!



The 444.600 machine joins AllStar Link!

Today the node was put into place to make the club’s 440 machine directly available to the AllStar Link network.  The node number for this repeater is 44011.  If you are using any of the AllStar access methods, this is the node number you will need to know.


We believe we have the node stable and we welcome you to connect to it at will.  We will continue to be doing some tuning on the node over the next several weeks.  If you have any observations or suggestions, please just let us know here or on the air.


My thanks to Paul Barber, who has been so helpful and so generous in volunteering his shack for the location of these nodes.  We plan to move them away from that location in the fairly near term, but these AllStar nodes would not be live and functional if it were not for his knowledge and council!  Thank you, Paul, I could not have done this without you!


Please feel free to enjoy the features that the nodes now provide you.   We will be adding more features and such to both nodes as time allows!


Bill Higgins

Streaming Audio Returns for the Club’s Repeaters

For nearly the last year, the audio streaming capability for our repeaters has been offline.  Today the streaming function has been placed back online.  What this means is that you can use any of several different ways to listen in to the activity on the repeaters.  First of all, you can click on either or both of the play buttons at the upper right hand part of our web page.  Doing so will open a popup window (for each button) with an HTML5 player within it.  Using HTML5 should allow this to work in any web browser either on a computer, or a mobile phone or tablet.  Secondly, if you prefer to use an app on your phone or tablet, you can download and use the Broadcastify app.  Just search for “KC0DBS” in the app and you can pick either stream to which to listen.  And I am told that the streams show up in some other online streaming apps.  So check out your favorite and see if they are there too!


The audio stream is delayed from real time by between 20-40 seconds.  So don’t be surprised if you are listening on the radio and the stream and you don’t hear it on the stream right away.


Enjoy and please let me know if you have any difficulties in using this feature.


(N.B.  The stream for the 440 machine has been intentionally silenced for the time being.  The streams are driven by the new Allstar nodes for each of the repeaters. There is significant interference at the site of the 440 node.  This will continue to stream silence from there until we are able to move the node to it’s final location which should be happening in the very near term future! )


Bill Higgins

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