Good News Prayer List for Nov. 2, 2015.

N0noe-requests prayer for his friend,  Bruce’s friend.

Please pray for Marsha who is suffering with the flu bug.

William Dowell-Open Heart Surgery.

Kb0eti-Leroy having eye Surgery.

kc0lir-dealing with leg problems.

Kd0jvf-Chris and his Mom.

Kb0tic-Skip-Health problems.

Kd0jve-Paul Thacker.

Kdofot-Cody-feet problems.

Kc0qfs-Rick-having leg problems.

Please keep Jeff Keesley in your prayers, he is dealing with a serious brain tumor.

Steve Carroll needs us to pray for him, he is going through chemo and suffering from Lymphoma.

Leanna-Please keep praying for Leanna, she is currently in Hospice.

Dean, Debbie, and their families.

Ray, Cory, Autumn, Katie, and all of our troops around the world.

Our Country.

Persecuted Christians around the world.

Please everyone keep all of the above in your prayers. Also, pray for peace.

Thank you all, have a wonderful week and God bless you all-N0pah-Betty.


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