Our New 440 Repeater!

DR-1_thumbThe Sullivan Amateur Radio Club is proud to announce the implemenation of its new 440 repeater.  It is located at the Fidelity Telephone office in downtown Sullivan.  The repeater is a new Yaesu DR-1X System Fusion machine which is running in mixed digital/analog mode.

To use the system, set your radio to 444.6 Mhz with a positive offset and a 141.3 tone.  The machine supports both normal analog FM and Yaesu’s C4FM digital modes and both can be used siultaneously.  Also due to the repeater’s location, it is supported by emergency power.

Because of the height of the antenna at the top of Fidelity’s tower, we believe that this repeater will have quite good range of operation.  I have personally hit the repeater from Owensville, MO with nothing more than a 4 watt HT.  Please feel free to use the machine at your leisure and let us know here how it’s working for you!

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