Good News Net Prayer List for Dec. 14TH, 2015

Good evening, everyone, I hope you all are having a good night, we have been enjoying some nice weather for Dec. Thank God for that.
KB0ETI-Leroy-waiting for more eye surgery.
KE0FEC-Frank-Prayer for his niece, Amber-having trouble with her Daughter.
KD0GOK-Don-prayers for safe flying.
Cheryl-Cancer surgery scheduled for Dec. 22nd, 7:30 A.M.
KD0JVA-P.W. Burned his hand.
Wm. Dowell-in Hospice.
Leanna-in Hospice.
Hailey-Sore Throat and Cough.
N0NOE-Bill-Prayer for his friend, Bruce and his friends.
KD0JVF-Chris and his Mom.
KD0JVE-Paul Thacker- Cancer.
KE0FOT-Cody-Feet problems.
KCOQFS-Rick-Leg and feet problems.
Jeff Keesley-Brain Tumor.
Steve Carroll-Lymphoma-Chemo treatment.
Dean, Debbie and families.
Ray, Cory, Autumn, Katie and all the servicemen and women everywhere.
Our Country and persecuted Christians everywhere. Let’s all pray that every prayer on this list will be answered. Goodnight and God bless all.

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