EchoLink Lives!

EchoLinkIconAfter months of struggling to get the wiring and interfaces correct, two serious pauses to let the frustration subside and with the help of several members of the club during testing and making adjustments, the EchoLink node for the 146.805 repeater lives again!  It’s currently up and running and available for use on a testing basis.

The EchoLink node will allow you to connect to the repeater through the EchoLink software loaded on a laptop or desktop computer, or from an iPhone or Android app.  It will also let other EchoLink repeaters and nodes connect to the repeater.  The system is currently configured to allow two simultaneous connections to the EchoLink but we anticipate raising that as experience and resources dictate.

Detailed information about operating through EchoLink can be found at .

To utilize the EchoLink from a PC or mobile device, just connect to EchoLink node N0NOE-R.  If there is an available slot, it should establish a link to your machine and you can then utilize the repeater as you would normally.   If you have any difficulty please contact Bill Higgins, N0NOE through the Contact Us page located HERE.  As always, suggestions and feedback are greatly appreciated!

As you can see below, there still needs to be some serious tidying up of the node!


Last but not least, many many MANY thanks to Paul Barber, AA0GB,  who supplied the Rigblaster NoMic and 2 meter antenna and who wouldn’t let me give up every time I reached the verge of doing just that!  Thanks Paul!  You’re a GREAT Elmer!!

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