Good News Net Prayer List for Dec. 28, 2015

KC0QFS-Rick and his Daughter-Please Pray.
KD0JVA-Paul and Cheryl-Had a run in with a deer, and need vehicle repaired.
Please pray for all the victims of these floods and tornadoes.
WOMCS-Dave’s Mom.
KB0ETI-Leroy-Eye surgery.
KE0FEC-Frank-Pray for his niece, Amber and her Daughter.
KD0GOK-Don-Flying safety.
Wm. Dowell-Open Heart surgery and in Hospice.
Hailey-Cough and Cold-Waiting to see the Dr.
KC0LIR-Clinton-Leg problems.
KD0JVF-Chris and his Mom.
KD0JVE-Paul Thacker-Cancer.
KE0FOT-Cody-Feet problems.
KC0QFS-Rick-Leg problems.
Jeff Keesley-Suffering from a Brain tumor.
Steve Carroll-Lymphoma-Undergoing Chemo treatment.
Dean, Debbie, and families.
Ray, Cory, Autumn, Katie and all the Servicemen and women all around the World.
Persecuted Christians everywhere.
I want to wish all a very blessed evening. Let’s all keep everyone in our prayers this week.
God bless you all, see you next week, God willing.

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