Good News Net Prayer List for Feb. 22, 2016

Good evening, everyone, I pray you are all having a blessed day.
Prayer List is as follows:
John White family- in the loss of their little Daughter.
Body found of little boy from St. James that had been missing. Please pray for his family in their time of grief.
Prayer for family of my niece’s best friend that had been bullied at School. She hung herself and passed away a couple of days ago. SO SAD.
Nancy-who has just went through breast cancer surgery.
AD0FT-Allen–Nephew, Greg, Lung Transplant.
Hailey-Adenoid surgery in March.
KE0FEC-Frank-Requested prayer to quit smoking, also prayer for his niece, Amber and Daughter.
KB0ETI-Leroy-Undergoing eye surgery.
KC0QFS-Rick-Leg problems.
KD0JVF-Chris and his Mom.
Jeff Keesley-Brain Tumor.
Steve Carroll-Lymphoma-Happy to report he is doing much better.
Dean, Debbie and families.
Ray, Cory, Autumn, Katie and troops everywhere.
Israel-Our Country, Persecuted Christians around the world and the upcoming Election.
My friend, Lou who is in Cuba Manor.She is 93 yrs. of age and fell and had to have surgery on her hips.
Thank you all, See you next Monday, GOD WILLING. God bless all.

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