Good News Net Prayer List for Mar. 28, 2016

Good evening and God bless you all.
Prayer List is as follows:
KD0PEV-Jason’s Mom needs prayer.
KDODOG-Jerry’s wife had knee replacement and needs prayer.
KC0QFS-Rick-Requested prayer for Roger diagnosed with brain cancer.
N0NOE-Bill-prayer for friend, Dee, strength for making some life decisions.
KB0ETI-Leroy-Eye sight improving after eye surgery.
KE0FEC-Frank-Prayer for niece, Amber and Daughter.
KC0QFS-Rick-Leg problems.
Leanna-Still in Hospice.
KD0JVE-Paul Thacker-Battling cancer.
Jeff Keesley-We have been praying for him. He is suffering from a Brain Tumor, had report tonight that he isn’t doing well, Please remember him in your prayers.
Steve Carroll-Lymphoma-Glad to report that he is in remission, Please continue to pray for him.
Dean, Debbie and families.
Ray, Cory, Autumn, Katie, and our Servicemen and Women around the World.
Israel, Our Country and the Persecuted Christians everywhere.
Thank you all so much, God bless you, see you next Monday, GOD WILLING. N0PAH-Betty.

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