Good News Net Prayer List for April 25th, 2016

Good evening to all. Hope you are all having a blessed evening.
Prayer List is as follows:
Walter Adams family-Walter passed away this past Saturday.
Michael Barber had gall bladder surgery.
KB0DOG-Jerry’s wife had knee surgery and is having hip problems also.
KD0PEV-Jason’s Mom.
KC0QFS-Rick’s friend, Roger diagnosed with Brain Cancer.
N0NOE-Bill’s friend Dee making some decisions that she needs prayer to make.
KB0ETI-Leroy-Doing much better after his eye surgery.
KE0FEC-Frank’s niece, Amber and Daughter.
Leanna-Still in Hospice doing better at last report.
KD0JVE-Paul Thacker-Cancer- had a report this week that he is doing a little better.
Jeff Kiesley-Brain Tumor, not doing well at last report.
Dean, Debbie and families.
Ray, Cory, Autumn, Katie and our Servicemen and Women everywhere.
Israel-Our Country and all the Christians being persecuted.
Thanks everyone, Let’s keep all these people in our prayers. God bless you all. See you next Monday at 7:00 P.M. God willing-N0PAH-Betty.

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