Field Day 2016 – Let’s Get Organized!!

(This originated as an email and is cross posted here with John’s permission.)

Alright, time to start really getting going on the Field Day items…

This email will be the starting point to discuss the bonuses that are available to us and who may be responsible for them.  Here we go…

  1. 100% Emergency Power: we’ll run off batteries
  2.  Media Publicity: Sandra, can you get an article in the paper?
  3.  Public Location: Done
  4.  Public Information Table: Bill, could you make up an informational page about radio and our club?  I can print all the copies we need
  5. Message Origination to Section Manager: John, either via digital or voice (if anyone else would like to do it, all the better!)
  6.  Message Handling: Not sure…maybe we setup to exchange some Winlink messages via digital???
  7. Satellite QSO: Never had a satellite guru before…not sure we will be able to get this one
  8. Alternate Power: We can run a rig strictly from solar panels for this one
  9. W1AW Bulletin:  John, will copy the night before via digital
  10.  Educational activity bonus: Chris, can you give a 10 minute session on the Mesh stuff again?
  11. Site Visitation by an elected governmental official:  Sandra, can you pull some strings?
  12.  Site Visitation by a representative of an agency: Sandra, could you handle this one?  Hospital or EMA
  13.  GOTA Bonus: Will we have a GOTA station?  If so, who is gonna be that person?
  14. Web submission: John will handle when the smoke clears
  15. Field Day Youth Participation:  John will attempt to get a few 13 year old boys to the site to hammer out some QSOs
  16.  Social Media: Chris, could you post something?
  17.  Safety Officer Bonus: I think Sandra or Bill would make a great safety officer…but would like to delegate and get as many involved as possible.  Any ideas on someone who could/would do this?

We already have the 1×1 callsign of W0S reserved.

I will likely tow my camper to the site and have it setup up the hill a bit.  This will be where Chris’ digital and my CW station will live.  Between the 2 of us, we otta be able to keep that station up and cranking for the majority of FD.

I am sure there will be a voice station or two setup under the pavilion.  Sandra, what are you planning on doing/bringing radio/antenna wise?

I know Paul will have some stuff he will setup as well…

Also need someone who is not involved in the radio setup/operation to handle organizing the bbq/social hour.

I think we should probably shoot to be a 2A setup.  In the past, we have been a 3A and the 3rd rig just sits there.  One main voice rig on the air at a time…if folks want to bring their own stuff, that is fine…but we’ll need to kinda coordinate when/where they operate.  Of course, if we had a GOTA station, this would be perfect to have going for when those hams who want to just spin the knob for 20 minutes show up…

I am very much looking forward to the event this year!!!  The idea behind planning this now is to get as many involved as we can…I would much rather let 10 other folks jump in and take some ownership of the event than the 3 of us do most of the legwork…so share the wealth!!!

Bill, if you think we should take this to the website for further collaboration with the area hams, feel free to do so…

73 and thanks,

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