KB0ETI-Leroy-doing o.k., but he has to go back to see about his left eye and is thinking of having surgery on his right eye.
Rick, KC0QFS got his report today from his Cancer Dr. NO CANCER, PRAISE THE LORD FOR ANSWERED PRAYER.
Robin-KC0ZIJ- was in Hospital again for observation. She is reported to be home and doing good, keep her in your prayers.
KB0DOG-Jerry’s wife having hip surgery in early Sept.
N0TZB-Ralph in Hospital and his wife needs prayer also.
KC0JEL-Cathy’s Aunt Donna having pancreas problems.
KD0NWW-John’s friend, Rick, had tumor removed from throat and having voice problems.
Leanna-Still in Hospice, had stroke, but doing better.
Dean, Debbie and their families.
Ray, Cory, Autumn, Katie and all Servicemen and Women around the World.
KC0ZII-John’s friend, Earl, doing great, thanks to everyone for their prayers for him.
Israel, Our Country, the Upcoming Election and all the persecuted Christians around the World.
Thank you everyone, have a great, safe rest of the week. God bless each and everyone of you. See you next Monday-GOD WILLING-N0PAH-Betty

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