The EchoLink node is now an AllStarLink node!

After a being offline for a couple of weeks, due to a bad interface module, the EchoLink node has been successfully transformed into a full fledged AllStarLink node.  The EchoLink functionality hasn’t been lost, in fact, by some accounts the quality of the audio has been enhanced.  I invite everyone to give this a try!  It can be reached as AllStarLink node 43758 or as EchoLink node N0NOE-R (407714).  Give it a go and let me know what you think!


In addition to these two changes, the node is now the source for the streaming audio from the 2 meter repeater.  If any of you have tried listening to that in the past, you know that the quality of it before was terrible.  Now, the audio is crisp and clear and it works quite well.  Also, we can record all audio that goes across the repeater and save it for later review.


The next logical step for this project is to implement the same setup at the repeater site directly connected to the repeater controller.  I already have a commitment from a donor to supply a Raspberry Pi 3 for the computer, and I am seeking a donor for a module similar to what I used at my QTH for the interface.  (I’ve written a blog post on my personal site about the setup.  You can read it at ).  I’ll be talking at the club meeting this week (September 8th) about this project and what other follow on features we can add once this basic infrastructure is in place.

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