A Thank You Letter to SARC


Thank you to SARC for providing communications throughout the weekend. The partnership shared by you, Jim, Tom and Jack went above and beyond anything that we could have expected.  No doubt with better communication we were able to significantly improve upon last year’s event


Most importantly, there is no doubt our runners were safer with your support.  We would certainly have been better able to respond in an emergent situation.


Family, friends and the participants liked the “almost” live coverage we were able to provide via Twitter.  This type of media communication was only possible with the help of your Club.


In the next few days and weeks we’ll be working diligently to plan for next year’s Event.  Our hope is that your club will consider joining us again next year.  We look forward to hearing more about your ideas to continue making progress.


Mark Twain Endurance Runs is a much better event when partnered with SARC.

My Friend,


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