The 146.805 is now an AllStar Link repeater!

On January 31st, 2017 we completed the installation of the new repeater controller on the 146.805 repeater.  What this brings is a wide range of new features that we may implement on the repeater, such as native linking to other nodes in the AllStar Link network, native EchoLink connectivity, custom IDs, custom announcements, weather functions, phone patch functions, remote repeater management, etc.  Also, the streamed audio on Broadcastify is now originating directly from the controller instead of from the AllStar node at my QTH.  Access to the repeater through the AllStar and EchoLink networks has changed as that also goes directly through the controller now.  The relevant node information is below:


AllStar Link Node:  44011

EchoLink Node:  746074 or KC0DBS-R


We are still sorting out some minor issues and doing some fine tuning.  Please be patient as we sort these things out.  I want to thank everyone who contributed their time, energy and money to help bring this project to fruition!  Soon, we’ll be able to link our repeaters together at will.


Bill Higgins


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