Input needed!!!

My name is Frank Faherty, KE0FDC. I am the Vice President of the Sullivan Amateur Radio Club. I am also the Field Day Coordinator for the club. I would llike to have input from all of the members of the Sullivan Amateur Radio Club regarding a possible site that we could set up at for Field Day.

It has been proposed that we set up in the camping area of Meramec State Park. We would get a couple of camping sites together and set up operations. This would give the club some much needed public exposure, which in turn can generate interest in potential new members. There is a lot of foot traffic in the park and would be a great opportunity to share with them about Amateur Radio! Field Day is often referred to as a contest, but it is ultimately an event to get hams together to set up in non-traditional places such as you would in an emergency situation to make as many contacts with all the other hams across the country who are doing it at the same time. The event is also designed to make the general public aware of Amateur Radio and its capabilities in the face of natural disasters. Let us not forget to let them know how much fun it is!

You don’t have to camp out. You can come out for the day, work the radios enjoy the meal and visit with everybody. John McReynolds has offered to bring his camper and has a big tent that can be set up if you want to camp. It won’t cost you anything, the sites will be paid for.

I would like to receive your input on this. Please contact me at Your input is very important!

Thanks and 73!
Frank KE0FDC

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