The 146.805 Returns to Allstar Link!

With great thanks to Paul Barber (and don’t let him tell you otherwise, he was THE KEY to getting it to work today!), I am pleased to announce that the 146.805 repeater has an Allstar Link node installed which is currently providing the ID, the roger beep, and providing access to our repeater from the Internet. We still need to do some tweaking and tuning on it, but it’s up and functional. We will be adding other features to it as we go along here, like EchoLink access, timed announcements, weather functions and maybe even a phone patch. There’s a lot we can do with this node, but besides immediate tuning issues, my next step to get a similar node ready and installed for the 440 machine. Once that’s done, we will be able to link and unlink the two repeaters at will. This will GREATLY expand our capabilities! Thanks again Paul for your patience with me today and for finding the unknown element we needed to change to get it to work!

P.S. For those wanting to connect from afar, the Allstar Link node number is 44008.

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