SARC meeting notes from June 14, 2018

Due to our regular meeting site being unavailable, we were forced to have our meeting at the pavilion at the Sullivan Park by the swimming pool. Dave Johnson reported that getting access to the water tower on Springfield Rd. is getting closer to completion. This has been what the club has been working towards for some time. In an effort to be ready, it was voted on and approved by the club members to remove the 440 repeater from the Fidelity site and reprogram it for 2 meter and use that repeater at the Springfield Rd water tower site. Bill Higgins has generously offered to the use of a 440 repeater that he owns to put it back at the Fidelity site so that we can continue to have that resource. The old repeater that was at the Boast site is unrepairable. By doing it this way, means that the club will not have to buy a new repeater which will cost in excess of $1000. This is a win – win for the club! We can continue to have the 440 presence and we will have a repeater for 2 meters when the new site is ready and not spend everything in the club checking account.

Also we finalized plans for Field Day 2018, which will be held at Meramac State Park on June 23 and 24. We will be set up in campsite 172,174, and 176. We will begin setting up on site between 9 and 10 am on Saturday morning. We will be having a fish fry around 1pm and will begin working the radios and 1pm as well. There is a map with directions to Field Day available to down load here on the club website. Everyone is invited and we hope to see everyone there!

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