Taum Sauk – September 2019

This year’s annual trip to the top of Taum Sauk mountain was just fabulous! In attendance we had Allan Sieker (AD0FT), Nick NIchols (KE5ILE), Paul Barber (AA0GB), Mike Benton (KC0ZIN), Chris Williams (KE0LKV), myself and a special visitor Danny Gillam (N0WNC). We arrived on site around 10:30 in the morning and got straight to putting up some antennas. Two radios were in operation, and we rotated people through them. Quite a few contacts were made across the country and in addition, Paul contacted someone in Spain and I believe Chris spoke to someone in Norway! Chris and Nick both contacted a special event station for the anniversary of the Voice of America and they will be getting certificates to hang on their walls for that! Congrats guys! That’s just super cool!

On the way down, Chris let us know that he had a surprise for us. He brought his barrel smoker and chicken wings and prepared them for us right there on site. Those of us who hadn’t purchased food yet, stopped in Steelville and purchased some hot dogs and bratwursts and Chris happily cooked them all up for us. And if that wasn’t enough, Chris brought an additional surprise. He brought brownie mix and all the ingredients and baked brownies for us right on the smoker in a cast iron skillet! Needless to say, we ate VERY WELL and we have Chris to thank for all of that!

The weather was beautiful and some of us climbed the fire tower that is located right there at the site. We could only go up to just below the cabin, but the climb was well worth it! The view was fantastic! There’s a couple of pictures of us on the tower in the gallery below.

Needless to say, we all had such great fun that we will definitely be doing it again next fall. In fact, there was such excitement, that there maybe be another outing in the month of October. Stay tuned!!

Some Brownie Fun!!!

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