The 146.805 is BACK!

On Thursday, May 4th, the 146.805 repeater was put back on the air at our alternate repeater site.  The repeater is functioning at full power again, running only on its internal controller.  Therefore, the voice ider is currently non-functional.  We will maintain the system at this site until such time as the new antenna system is installed at the primary repeater site.


You may notice some minor decrease in range as the backup site is not quite as tall as the primary site, but so far, most of the “distant” users seem to be able to use the system just fine.


In addition, we have restored AllstarLink and Echolink service to the repeater through the remote node at my QTH.  The Allstarlink node is 43758 and the Echolink node is N0NOE-R.  Please feel free to connect to these nodes and use them as you will.


Thank you all for your patience.


Bill Higgins

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