Repeater Cabinet Placement Day – November 30, 2018

On Friday, November 30th, 2018 the Sullivan Amateur Radio Club convened a work party to move the cabinet for the new 146.805 repeater into place at the West Sullivan Water Tower site.  The crew consisted of Paul Barber (AA0GB), Chris Wiliams (KE0LKV), Jerry Waeltermann (KB0DOG), Paul Willams (KD0JVA), Allan Sieker (AD0FT), and yours truly, your happy reporter.  The goal:  to move the cabinet without damage and without getting anyone hurt!

I am happy to report that the effort was fantastically successful.  Big thanks to everyone involved but we’d like to especially thank Chris Williams for bringing his tractor with which he moved the cabinet into place.  He made it look so easy!!

Below are some photos of the happy crew!

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