Spring 2019 Taum Sauk Adventure

Last September four of our club members (John, Frank, Allan and I) took a day trip to the observation tower area on Taum Sauk Mountain. We set up radios, did some operating, ate some lunch and just had a whole bunch of fun! We enjoyed it so much that I am proposing we do it again coming up here in May. Everyone is welcome, so come join us!!!

Here’s the plan so far:

Date: Saturday, May 11th, 2019 (weather permitting – see below!)

Timing: Leave our departure point around 8:30 and return by 4:30 or 5:00.

Departure Point: Steelville, MO

Google Maps Link:

The timing and departure point are for those who might want to caravan down to the mountain. If you chose to come a different path, that’s fine. These were chosen to put us on the mountain around 10:00 am.

Weather Permitting

My definition of weather permitting at this time of year is this. No prediction of significant precipitation. Temps between 50 and 85. If a shower or two is predicted, I can handle that but everyone should be prepared for that. I will bring light plastic drop clothes to help protect radio equipment. Just to say, YMMV! (Your mileage may vary!)

Mobile Communications Plan (in order of priority)

Cuba Repeater (KD0JOX) – 147.345+, 110.9 tone
Potosi Repeater (AB0TL) – 146.835-, 100 tone
Arcadia Repeater (KD0KIB) – 147.300*, 100 tone
Simplex – 146.500 Analog

Things To Bring

  • Ham Equipment – radio(s), battery(s), antenna(s), tuner, coax, whatever else you might need to get on the air. There are plenty of trees for hanging wires, and some open spaces for poles. If you bring a radio, you should also bring a portable table from which to operate. If you don’t have or prefer to not bring a radio let us know. I’m sure those who will would be happy to share their airtime.
  • A folding chair. You’ll need this whether you bring a radio or not.
  • Food and Drink. We will be there through lunch so bring something on which to dine.
  • Bug spray and sun screen.
  • A hat or cap to help ward off those wicked ultraviolet rays.
  • Whatever other fun things you might want to share or that will make you comfy! 🙂

As the date gets closer, I will update everyone with whatever changes come about. I just want to reiterate what a fun time we had last fall. In my opinion, more people will make it even more fun. So if you’re interested, plan to come with us!!! Please let me know at higginsDOTwsATgmailDOTcom.

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