What a GREAT Field Day!!!

Field Day 2020 has concluded and what a GREAT one it was! The Sullivan Amateur Radio Club congregated at the property of our member Chris Williams and I believe a good time was had by all. For most of the day on Saturday, we were blessed with overcast skies and some breeze to keep the perceived temperatures down to a manageable level. Later in the evening, there was a deluge of rain that brought most of the activities to a halt.

Attendance was fantastic this year! I counted 47 members, family and friends shared the event with us. We had old members, new members, potential new hams, family and friends we haven’t seen for a long while! Thank you all for being a part of it!

Great food was a central theme of our time together (as it almost always is!) and the folks had a lot to choose from. Chris brought his big gravity feed smoker and prepared brisket, pork butt, ribs, and corn for lunch. Of course our members brought dishes to share as well and we had two full tables of food to comprise the smorgasbord.

Beside just grazing over the food, we also held a VE Testing session at Field Day. Two of our members achieved new license status. Mark Ervine passed his Technician exam and Mike Griemel (KE0ZCV) upgraded to General! Congratulations to you both!!

The Sullivan Amateur Radio Club would like to thank everyone for attending and participating in the summer’s grand event! We would also like to give special thanks to the following people for making Field Day 2020 such a great success; Chris and Angie Williams (KE0LKV) who hosted us on their property for the event and made us feel so incredibly welcome, Frank Faherty (KE0FDC) who coordinated and planned all aspects of the event, John McReynolds (KC0NRO) and Chris Westrick (KD0JVF) who supplied the portable crank up tower, and Dave Johnson (KE0JYQ) who helped prepare the food and supplied the ATV and ran shuttle service up and down the hill for those of us who needed it. Of course, our thanks go out to everyone who brought food to share as well!

Stay tuned for more posts with Videos and Pictures!!

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