EchoLink Project Underway (Still!)

A while back I volunteered to construct an EchoLink node which would be tuned to the repeater’s frequency pair.  I’ve had this project under construction for a while now, and have actually had it on the air testing it on the repeater.  The tests seemed to go well, but before I could get it put up on the air for regular use, the hard drive failed in the computer that ran the software.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I then sourced another hard drive, rebuilt the system, tested it some more and the second hard drive failed before I could get it put up in production.

These setbacks would have defeated mere mortal hams, but color me stubborn (or at least not smart enough to know when to stop!)  New hard drives are on the way, and I’m hoping to have the system rebuilt for the third time sometime in the next week.  If I’m successful, we’ll hopefully have an EchoLink enabled repeater soon!

I’ll keep you all informed and will share the details of how to operate it as we continue down this path!

73,  Bill (N0NOE)

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